Today I didreading of a Terence McNally play called It's Only A Play at the Manhattan Theatre Club.  It's an old play that he has re-worked about the first night of a play on Broadway and it was very very funny.  I have nearly worked with Mr T many times and this reading was actually the first time it had ever happened. I hope I get to do a full production of something of his soon.

I played a theatre director and my favourite line was: Wicked is the pimple on the hemorrhoid in the rectum of the flatulent institution they call the American theatre.


Later I went to see a play by Stan Richardson called Veritas at the NY Fringefestival. It's a really amazing story about a group of gay men at Harvard in 1920 and how their treatmentended in such tragedy.  It has its last eprformance at the fringe Saturday so check it out if you can.

Then I watched again my friend Joe's documentary about Norman Mailer.  What a crazy troubled thing he was.  I met him once at a benefit for the drama bookshop in NYC.  I had forgotten all about it till last night. Isn't it funny how our memories are rebooted by certain stimuli?

And here is a picture of me playing Hamlet that I really think encapsulates that time of my life.